As Modi’s Stock Plummets, Cartoonists Have a Field Day

Soumashree Sarkar

From the prime minister moving cylinders to allow cameras to catch him better, to him staring at mounds of pyres, cartoonists have been scathing.

New Delhi: India’s COVID-19 crisis is deep and has led to reports of untold human misery. As news of death and suffering occupies nearly all social interactions, those in charge of making us laugh have a tough task. Cartoonists, faced with the scale of the current tragedy, have been scathing in placing the blame on Prime Minister Narendra Modi – who held several election rallies as a crisis was brewing.

Coupled with the record-breaking COVID-19 numbers, the crippling lack of medical supplies, layers of governance failure and allegations that crucial warnings were ignored, is the fact that the election-winning abilities of the prime minister received a blow in West Bengal, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The combined effect has given opportunity to cartoonists to express emotions many Indians must be feeling – anger and helplessness.

The Wire collects some recent cartoons hitting out at the prime minister below.

One cartoonist whose work has gone truly viral in this milieu is Satish Acharya. Acharya posts regularly on his popular Twitter account, @satishacharya, and has taken on various aspects of the BJP’s Bengal drubbing – cultural, political and the purported lack of attention to the health crisis in this time.

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