A crying shameBanned in warfare, tear-gas is the default response to controlling protests


Its use may help reduce casualties, but that does not make it safe…..As the protests in Hong Kong drag on, rituals are coalescing. One oft-repeated rite might be dubbed “the unfurling of the banner”. As confrontation looms, from the masked ranks of police two step forward bearing a sign reading “Warning: Tear Smoke”, in Chinese and English. Then the firing starts, and clouds swirl, stinging and choking. Aside from a few wearing masks, the crowd scatters, with the police in pursuit.

Many demonstrators have experienced something like it. Indeed, Hong Kong is a relatively modest user. In the first five months of protests, its police fired nearly 6,000 rounds of tear-gas—far fewer than were used in Paris in a single day last December against gilets jaunes (yellow-jacket) protesters.

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