Ridhi Chaturvedi, an exceptionally accomplished, brilliant student of S A Jaipuria College is now a student of JNU.


The brave girl writes

Dear everyone who is quiet or seems to think that asking your acquaintance studying in JNU if they are okay is enough

We are hiding, locked in rooms with beds pushed against the doors and yet feeling unsafe. Since evening we haven’t taken a sip of water, a morsel of meal, (and as you can guess by the time of this post) a minute of sleep.  Nobody has used washroom sonce then. Occasionally there is a number of loud thuds outside our room and then there is silence.

If you still are unaware, we are bleeding. We have been preyed on. A gang of goons entered into our university and assaulted us.

My Professor has been attacked. Another Professor has got severe injuries on her forehead. JNUSU President, who regardless of her post, is after all an M. Phil student, has horrible injuries on head. Multiple fractures and slit injuries of hundered other students. And these are just news that could reach us. They have hammers, iron rods and acids with them.

There is no phone connection. Each message takes around 30-35 minutes to be delivered.

I’m targeting you, attacking you right now. Yes you, if you think it would be best to keep quiet. If you still feel you should rather sleep on your cozy bed of diplomacy on these biting cold winter nights. Writing huge posts on Facebook regarding why Wifi was disconnected, posting on Instagram how CES sucks and is fascist must be fun.

Somedays ago we were lathicharged by the police almost everyday. We were thrown down on the roads, with lights switched off, and beaten up.

Yesterday, my fellow protestors were thrown into bonfires. We were openly groped, molested. A student leader has developed a black eye. Girls have bruises on breasts and waists, I wonder why?

I don’t know the last time we all sat back, laughed and had quality time spent, as if we are not scholars but some refugees in some fucked up detention camps.

How do you even manage to have guts to ask me if I am okay? Is this okay? Just because I have some sort of relationship with you, you would be concerned, and then won’t care about others being attacked. Nice.

Listen, you privileged jerk. MY PROFESSOR WAS ATTACKED TODAY. Oh, whom am I even telling this? How would you know what a professor is to a student? How would you know that away from home, a professor becomes a parent figure to every scholar? Had you been that educated you would not have voted this man, nah, not supported these people.

Anyway, now asking some important questions to some sensible people.

Just because you are not a JNUite and none of your acquaintances are, will you keep quiet?

Just because one of your acquaintances is a JNUite, is your responsibility fulfilled by asking him or her if anything is needed?

This is a moment of crisis, and no amount of neutrality will be accepted. This is my sincere request to each and every professor of my university to speak up. Even if there is no point. Your offering private consolations will help no more.

Also, classmates who kept justifying their silence saying not everyone wants to physically participate. Accepted. But not everyone wants to be targeted either. We are fighting and the benefits will be enjoyed by you too. If you think this department sucks or protestors are fascist then come up with a new plan. If you are not heard then, you have all rights to give up. Lead us, we want better leaders, this one is already suffering with mortal injuries.

Your cynicism will not be appreciated. If you feel attacked, go ahead, block me. Or better so, call these goons, they’ll rape and murder me. Quick, easy and no legal actions against you. Fair?

You are disillusioned just being in your room all day. Think of us. We are injured, bleeding, molested. And even then when we speak you start chanting your old hymns of how undemocratic we are. Have you even thought how punctured our souls are?

Nah, you want to get done with your tenures and wave tata and leave for some god forsaken wealthy countries.

We can’t do that. We can’t afford that. Not financially. Not emotionally either. We have taken it on us to build a better India for our next generation.

Listen you, uncles and aunts who have been calling all my friends and me since evening, you have failed us. You trusted this nasty government. Do not EVER come and ask me again if I’m okay.

After this post, they may rape me. They may burn my face with acid. They may kill me. But you have no right to call me again.

Get lost in your privileged lit life, and vote for these assholes.

Yours not-so-apologetically,
Somebody who has seen blood.
Thank you for sharing, Champa di.

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